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Architect @ Red Hat | Open Innovation Labs

This is an example of a pipeline developed in Tekton, the peaceful cat 🐈. It contains the main steps of a continuous software delivery process and it enforces a strict semantic version validation strategy, managing tag increments automatically for you. Github repo here.

There are several task templates available online. However, one of the biggest benefits of this chart is being able to take advantage of a model that holds all tasks in a solid and coherent way and with well-linked parameters to be reused.

We now live in the information age. Ignorance and limitations are now just a choice. The knowledge is widespread, and you can find whatever you want in a matter of seconds if you have a little discernment.

So let me ask you this. Do you believe that you have a total capacity to architect your future? I mean, full responsibility for your actions. Or do you think tomorrow happens to you just by the luck of fate?

Lagos, Portugal

Regardless of your belief system, one thing is certain for me. Reality happens through you and not to you. You are the power…

With a little logical reasoning, you can quickly see that a controlling narrative is being forced by the media. Obviously, this is nothing new. This has been happening for while already. However, due to the coming of social media, distributed networks, and more independent journalism, it became evident.

Hard to deny, your individual freedom is gradually being removed. Recently accelerated by the pandemic narrative. You are now forced to follow for “your own good”. Masks, curfew, censorship, vaccines, PCR tests, opening hours, etc.

The government does not work for your good, this is just a facade for you to continue…

MINIMALISM. It represents me. When I started developing mobile apps in 2013, a significant change in software interfaces was happening. Systems, previously formed by large tables, were not fusing well with smartphones’ new screen portrait format.

A new paradigm was taking shape. Reducing the interface number of components was now mandatory for an outstanding mobile experience.

I bridged the gap between the customer requirement and the interface creation method. Following what the UX mobile-first movement preached, we first needed to think about the mobile interface, with little components as possible, to fit in a small iPhone 5 screen.

All of…

WHY SWEDEN. I’m living an expat life. And when I meet new people, sometimes I need to say I was born in Brazil, the reaction is almost always the same. Omg, what are you doing here?! Over there you have such a good life with pleasant weather, so many beaches and sunshine all year round.

The same kind of astonishment also happens when I’m in Brazil, and I say I live in Sweden. Many Brazilians would do everything to be here. See some real snow for the first time. Take a nice Instagram picture with a classy long winter jacket…

I am self-taught. I learned to learn, and now, after so many years of continuous practice, I do it with ease. I can digest high complex content super fast, summarize and teach you in a didactic way.

However, none of this came for free. Or do you think I was born knowing how to learn and mentally download well-detailed information? Nope. So, focus for a minute on the message here. Since I was a child, I focused on learning, but not the same mainstream learning we all know. The school’s education did not appeal to me, and it seemed to…

Discipline and education are integral to your ability to achieve the type of success necessary for true wealth and independence. Your strength of character has everything to do with your ability to succeed as an indepen- dent businessperson.

There is no company to hide behind and no anonymity when dealing with clients. Your presentation, your ability to understand and be understood, to act professionally, and to execute on tasks all depend on your character, and your character is made directly from your education and your self-discipline.


A strong discipline gives you the framework within which to learn, deliver, grow professionally…

Você tem se sentido pouco estimulado na sua profissão e gostaria de saber como ter força para continuar desempenhando o seu trabalho sem precisar de estímulos externos?

Frequentemente, não adianta apenas acreditar no seu potencial, nas suas habilidades, criar oportunidades de crescer dentro da sua própria profissão, estudar e outras coisas que podem nos alimentar nesse sentido.

As vezes, o que está faltando para nos sentir mais motivados é observar esse nosso crescimento mais de perto, analisar cada conquista, cada problema, para onde a nossa carreira nos levou e até onde seremos capazes de chegar através dela.

1. Tenha um planejamento individual

Uma maneira fácil…

Um pouco inconformado com a ignorância cultural que assombra o Facebook, tento explicar neste post, de maneira simples e direta, como se fosse um antídoto para a mediocridade cultural que assombra as redes sociais atualmente, uma das melhores músicas já compostas no mundo.

Pink Floyd, muito reconhecido por suas habilidades em consumir psicodélicos e expressar firmemente suas opiniões ao mundo, criam o album anti-comercial “Animals”. Este que, acredito ter sido inspirado no livro “A Revolução dos Bichos”, de Orwell, expressa sua fúria contra o consumo desenfreado, a obsolescência programada, e a sociedade capitalista.

Esta música (sugiro que você preste atenção…

Early investors in the operation are usually motivated to buy the cryptocoins in the hope that the plan becomes successful after it launches which could translate to a higher cryptocoin value than what they purchased it for before the project was initiated. (Source)

8 Things Investors and Token Buyers Look for

  1. Big ideas
  2. Great, futuristic, impossible problems
  3. Fair economics
  4. Token having genuine use
  5. Roadmap to success
  6. Incredible team
  7. Active Community
  8. Being part of something transformational

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